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What areas of Stat Reporting are impacted?

Depending on your state(s), both WCPOLS and WCSTAT are impacted.

When do I need to take action?

Now! The effective date on most circulars and/or filings seems to be 3/1/2020. This means some work will need to be retroactively corrected (audits, policies).

What have they changed?

NCCI has added code 0012 to denote payroll for furloughed employees during the pandemic. 0012 has a 0 manual rate, so premium is expected to decrease. It's suspected that this has been done in an effort to preserve the mod stability of these companies while reducing their premium. There have also been Nature of Injury and Cause of Injury codes added (83 for both) that denote COVID-19 as a Nature and Pandemic as a Cause.

What do I need to change (WCPOLS)?

The circular(s) mainly talk about the printed Information Page containing the code 0012. If your company decides to add the code retroactively as a classcode or statcode to accomplish this, simply report the endorsement after the code is added.

What do I need to change (WCSTAT)?

The effective date of the changes indicates that the first units impacted will be units effective 3/1/2019. Those are due in November of 2020, October if your company reports early. The audits feeding this data should indicate (or be corrected to indicate) code 0012. It should appear on your units as any other classcode with payroll, 0 Manual rate and 0 Premium. It's important to note that no claim can be assigned to 0012.

What are the new Codes?

Class/Stat Code - 0012 - This code can be used as an exposure/class code or a stat code, depending on how you fit it best into your system. Nature of Injury Code - 83 - COVID-19 - Indicates the injured party suffered from COVID-19. Cause of Injury Code - 83 - Pandemic - Indicates the cause of the injury was due to a pandemic.

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