SaaS and On-Premises Self-Reporting Solutions


The cornerstone of any internal reporting operation is a strong, robust, smart software suite.  At Long Group, we're utilize wcSYNC for all of our operations in order to better serve our partners.

Second to software is the compliance expertise needed to run things smoothly.  We've worked with Farragut Systems, Inc. to build our years of knowledge into the software itself.  The benefits of this built-in knowledge are fewer required

personnel, fewer man-hours, fewer mistakes and rework as well as higher quality reporting overall.

As 2020 unfolds, we'll be helping implement it in insurers across the U.S.  Contact us to learn more.

Long Group Support

Even the best system and the brightest personnel occasionally need support and guidance.  Long Group's experts have years of experience reporting to the NCCI and every Independent Bureau.  That experience ranges from keeping a carrier on-track to helping a carrier through remedial efforts and everything in between.

Regul8 customers will enjoy access to this support as we help with implementation and setting your team up for continued success.

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