5 Things to Know about the New Indemnity Data Call

In January of 2018, the NCCI announced a new Indemnity Data Call.  While the first report won't be due for some years, here are 5 things to keep in mind as you prepare to meet this requirement.


1. You have 20 months to prepare.

The first data submitted will be from the second quarter of 2020 and it will be due by the end of the third quarter.  This means you have until the end of September 2020 to have your solution to this call up, running, tested and ready for production.  The wheels of change can move slowly sometimes, so go ahead and push for a review now and lay out the first steps.


2. You may or may not be required to report.

The threshold criteria to report are identical to the existing Med Calls (1% or greater market share in the most recent three years, ect.).  So if you currently report Medical Data Calls, you will most likely have to report the new Indemnity Call.  NCCI should reach out in March or April of 2018 to the companies known to be required reporters.  If you think or know you need to report, don't wait for NCCI to tell you; go ahead and brush up on the call.


3. The Data elements required are very similar to UnitStat and DCI.

The good news is that 32 out of the 47 published fields are existing Unit and DCI data elements.  Meaning most carriers that meet reporting requirements are already collecting and reporting those in some manner.  The remaining are, however, not current to existing reports.  Some carriers will have them already, but others will need to discuss how these will be satisfied over the next year or so.


4. More information is coming in April 2018

NCCI will add the Indemnity Data Call section to their website in April.  It will include a webinar and an implementation guide open to the public domain for all of us.  We'll be waiting with baited-breath to learn more and begin our own internal preparations for 2020!


5. The Indemnity Data Call class will be booked solid at next year's DEP conference!

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The 2019 NCCI DEP will be the first year the Indemnity Call is explored in a classroom setting.  Long Group will certainly be there and we hope to see you as well!





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