The Problem

          Statistical Reporting has long been a labor-intensive, difficult and frustrating task for Workers' Comp Carriers.  In today's world, the requirements continue to grow while core systems grow more and more complex.  IT projects to solve the Stat Reporting problem grow in cost and difficulty along with those requirements.

The Solution

          Long Group's solution, now available to all Carriers, is wcSYNC: the Industry's first Self-Serve SaaS Statistical Reporting Solution.  When integrated to your core system(s), wcSYNC takes over the complex daily operations of reporting through a powerful automation and EDI platform.  Tasks required by your staff are presented on an intuitive User Interface with helpful walk-throughs and guidance.

The Safety Net

          Built into every screen of wcSYNC is a safety net labeled 'Ask LGC'.  This button links your users directly to the expert consultants on staff at LGC.  Our consultants will advise you on a task, provide helpful information or take over the task all-together, if you request it.  In crunch time, you can count on the 'Ask LGC' button!

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Work Items

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