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UnitStat (WCSTAT) and Policy Issuance (WCPOLS) Reporting

Often the most difficult aspect of statistical reporting, the combination of unit stat and policy reporting is essential to your Workers' Compensation operations.  Low quality reporting can hamper renewals, frustrate underwriting and raise your overall compliance costs while high quality reporting can give your underwriting team an advantage, improve your grades across the board and reduce fines and overall costs.

Our team immediately takes all responsibilities and distracting tasks.  We work with NCCI and any applicable Independent Bureaus to evaluate your current situation and develop a plan going forward that improves your position with each.  While this high-level planning is going on, we plug our first-class system into your core systems to enable our teams to begin reporting for you right away.

Financial Call Reporting

This yearly obligation takes a toll on the systems and personnel of every Insurer's operations between January and April every year with a potential to last until August, if there are issues.

We take this burden on and, using data feeds from the UnitStat service, complete all reports for all states.  Our goal is to reduce your effort to simple communications with our staff allowing your personnel to remain focused on their main responsibilities.

Other Lines Statistical Reporting

Though we focus on WC, Long Group can also take on quarterly or yearly statistical reporting of premium and loss information on other lines for your company as well.  Whether you've chosen ISO, ISS or another statistical agent, we can integrate into your process and take those burdensome responsibilities.

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